How to Increase Instagram Followers

Holding contests, social account linkups, sharing unique images and shoutouts are the best ways and hacks to increase instagram followers, likes and comments.

Instagram has reported to have more than 300 million users in 2015 and it has been showed that it tops the chart when it comes to participation and involvement from followers. This means the followers are more active on instagram compared to facebook.

Well you are here to learn how to increase instagram followers and I promise that at the end you will get a clear knowledge to gain targeted followers to your page. Apart from this you will learn the techniques required for making fans like and comment on your images.

increase instagram followers

Many of the best companies and brands have used instagram as their vital tool for improving the awareness and visibility of their brand. Companies have started to create more visual content so that it can be used for marketing on instagram. I am not just a marketing professional, but I own a marketing company and I will show you the tips we use to increase instagram followers.

Important things to do before building fan following

Before working on gaining popularity there is a extra task for you that will help you to convert the people visiting your profile to your active engaging followers.

  1. After joining instagram you need to choose the best appealing image as your profile picture and add some of the best pics which you think will work great. Add a cover photo and a description regarding what is your instagram account about, whether it is personal, a blog, your art or it is representing your company.

    This basic step will help you increase the conversion rate of your instagram followers. This means when a majority of people visit your instagram profile, seeing an interesting image they are more likely to follow you.

  2. The pictures you are going to add should match your theme. Suppose it is your brand page and you are adding images of dog. What’s the point in that. Posting such things will prevent new people from following you and also make you lose current fans.
  3. Have a plan in advance. This plan should include the number of images you are going to upload every week and the right time to upload it. Don’t just upload one picture a week or posting many pictures a day. Instead have plan and follow it.

After following the initial steps now has come the time to show you how do corporate companies and many celebrities increase instagram followers.

First connect social accounts

Connect facebook and twitter account with instagram will help you get the first few followers to your page. You can use your instagram page for either uploading personal pictures or your art or if you have a blog use images posted on it. These followers that you will receive with this tip are small in number and this can be the testing phase where you can interact with them asking what they like about this page and the best picture till date. This alpha testing will help you in future. It will help you know the taste of your audience.

Invest in contests

Contest is a form of promotional technique in which you post your contest like the winner will get the xyz gift and to join this contest they will need to perform task like liking your pics, following you on instagram, sharing your contest (so that more people can enroll) or facebook likes etc. and at the final day a winner is selected and you send him the gift. If you can do everything correct then contests are a great way to increase instagram followers.

This is the best way by which a ton of new followers can be added to your profile. There are a number of different contests that can be held on instagram that can satisfy your different goals. “Follow-to-Win” and “Like-to-Win” contests can raise your followers as well as photo likes.

Many people had success holding contest, but this is not a free technique and you will require spending little money to buy and send the gift to the winner.


In a shoutout you will require other instagram users to mention your account on their profile and this way many of their followers also start following you. You can ask friends or family to do a shoutout for you. Many accounts with a huge following take money to do a shoutout and if you can afford their price then it could a good way to gain instagram followers.

Buy real, active and quality instagram followers

Buying instagram followers is the best choice for quickly gaining popularity on instagram. It is not proved, but many major companies and celebrities have bought their followers from marketing companies. We at have served many companies, bloggers and individuals to gain lots of fan following on instagram. We offer the best quality packages at affordable price and we the best part even after increasing the followers we give a month support where our marketing team sends a weekly report on what can you do to make your audience comment and like on your posts.

Is buying safe?

There is no problem in buying if the company is using a safe technique for building followers. There are many scam website that supply artificial followers and so cheating with you. They ask for very small price like $5 for 1000 followers, but in real they are duping you by using bots to add instagram followers.

Why to buy?

To gain a thousand followers on instagram can take months, so why not take advantage of buying these followers so that you can spend this time in developing engaging cool images. Even after spending time in building audience many a times you are not able to reach the number of followers you want. If it is affordable then why not leave this task to the professionals.

How would you benefit selecting us?

  1. The very first thing we are provide real followers and not bots.
  2. After buying any package, for example a package with 10000 followers, we won’t just send you this much followers. On an average our customers get 11000-13000 followers with the 10000 follower plan. This means every customer profits at least 1000 extra fans.
  3. As I told above that our expert panel once a week will closely monitor your account and provide tips on how to increase instagram followers and keep the page to the interest of your fans.
  4. 24/7 live chat or email support.
  5. Many don’t like to show the world that they have bought instagram followers. And hence our policy restricts us from disclosing your information to anyone.
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  7. Total refund if we fail.

If you want a huge following then place an order so that with our marketing strategies we can pull thousands of fans to your profile. Once you get the fans and when you see the likes and comments from them, you will definitely rate us 10/10. So what are you waiting for, purchase the package that fits your pocket and increase your audience base.

Take a look at the packages

We provide a budget friendly plan to increase instagram followers. Take a look at these plans and leave it to us, we will work hard to grow your fan following and make you instagram famous.

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