How to Use Instagram For Business

You have made the right choice to use instagram for business marketing and promotion. Many companies have started utilizing the power of instagram to attract long term customers and make good profits.

Instagram is a visual social media channel which has more than 300 millions followers and thus one must utilize it for marketing their business. The followers on instagram bring much more profit compared to other channels and thus many ecommerce websites and blogger have started using this platform for promoting and getting sales for their company. In order to use instagram for business first you must have enough followers and follow these strategies to make your brand reach the top level.

Use instagram for business

This is a proved fact that instagram followers are much more connected to a profile or brand than any other social media channel. This means that whether your business is online or not, it can help you bring sales. Once you build a massive following, more people will recognize your brand and thus this can help your business grow. Hence to use instagram for business, first get thousands of followers and then with your wonderful images let them share to the world.

Marketing your business through instagram

You already have a bunch of profiles on many social media channels and considering that you have decided to setup an Instagram account to bring your brand under the focus light. So after creating your account the very first thing you need is to connect other social media with this account so that you could possible announce it to your following which are distributed on other social media. The best part is that Instagram becomes the central media from where your images can be shared on your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. These followers who are still unaware of your instagram profile will come and become your fan and also make your posts viral. The more followers you are having on facebook and twitter the more shares and re-tweets you can expect. If suppose you are new in the market and don’t have much following then there are ton of advertisement companies that help to boost instagram accounts.

Organize Instagram contest

Presuming a person does every aspect appropriately; contests might possibly be a fantastic approach to build up a huge community on Instagram. For booming your instagram contest here is the clear-cut effective tips and guidelines that will help you to plan and design your contest.

  1. The very first thing is to set your goal that how many followers are you planning to get.
  2. Then you must define all the fundamental and crucial metrics.
  3. Hashtags play a vital role to provide a boost to the images shared. Select the right ones.
  4. Writing the guidelines for the individuals taking part in your contest.
  5. Market your contest.
  6. And finally interact with the participants.

These are the few basic rules one must follow to organize a successful contest. Remember that this a great marketing method that can rapidly bring your brand a large base of active followers.

Share pics of your business along with some fun images

Many companies have starting using this strategy and have received a wide participation from their followers. Apart from posting your images strictly related to your business you can also post images from your office, about your co-workers, your or you co-worker vacation pics etc. Also try to weekly include a funny image because they get many likes and comments. After getting a decent amount of followers you aim should be to convert them into your customers and this can be done when you attach with them. Whenever there are certain comments related to your business reply them and this will help to provide visibility to your business and build trust.

Use google trends and create images accordingly

There is a company named Amul in India which according to the latest trends in the country creates images and shares them in the newspapers and social media. Well, their instagram followers are low, but their facebook account has more than a million followers and many a times these images are shared by my friends and it appears on my wall. So I believe it to be a great strategy for making their brand viral on the social media. What they usually do is create a funny pic according to the trend and then share it. You can check out some of their images, but if you live outside India then you won’t understand the meaning of the written content in it.

Plans the posts that you will share

Many experts believe that having a plan in advance greatly helps in establishing a huge following on instagram. This plan includes the number of posts to share each week, which images to share and what time to share. Instead of uploading images every single day, just post 3-4 images in the entire week. Also 5-7 pm is the best time to post on Instagram, but you make sure to perform your own test and know the best time which gives you lot of engagement. Track the time and what kinds of images are bringing likes and comments and alter your strategy accordingly. This is one of the best tips to use instagram for business because if you know your audience better you have more chance to make sales to them.

Get more visibility

It may happen that your brand has become a little popular and some people are posting your images. Just search the tags related to your profile and once you find any such images then you can comment and like those pics. You can even mention that person’s profile on facebook or twitter so that after seeing this in greed to be mentioned many others will also share pics related to your business. If people start uploading and sharing you business related images then a whole lot of promotion will be done by them and you just need to relax. Also make sure you tag the location of the business with your profile because this creates trust and also from a study it has been found that images with the location tag receive more likes and comments.

Make use of analytic tools for instagram

To get the maximum benefit from instagram make sure you use any analytics tool for tracking purpose. Analytic apps also exist for instagram and these apps provide detailed information related to your profile. These two are quite popular instagram analytic tool to try.

  1. Iconosquare is a 100% free and an impressive tool that provides a detailed report about your instagram profile. This report includes the details related to the user engagement per post, the time when you receive the highest engagements, graphs showing the growth your account and so on. These are so many things this tool has and you must take benefit from it.
  2. To join the Totems analytics tool you will need to pay monthly membership fees. This tool is particularly build only for business and includes many features that can help you grow your business.

You can’t become big until you know the response you are getting from the shared post. These analytic suite will provide you all the necessary information which is required for getting most from your followers.

Duties to perform with image upload.

After clicking the coolest images related to your business, now you will need to play with the hashtags. After you upload the images, now the time is to make use of the best hashtags, any filter if you wish to apply and an interesting small description. These will play an important role for making your brand popular. Also keep a check on the comments you have received so that if a follower has asked a question, you must reply them. Using instagram for business involves relationship with your followers and if you are able to set it you can receive great profits from them.

Other apps for instagram

Apart from the analytic tool here are some other tools that can help you create lucrative and viral going images. These tools can be used for editing purpose, addition of extra filters, altering images etc. Instaframe, Picfx, Camera+ are some good tools. You can also research about different apps with which you can get some cool sharable images.
These are some ways by which one can use instagram for business and for increasing their brand awareness. The most important part is the creation of images and if you go right with it you can create a presence of your brand on social media.

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