Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of governs the method by which we make use of and deal with the information which is obtained from the customer at the time of order. This privacy policy is applicable only to this website and all the services offered by this website.

  1. Personal information

    We may collect the personal information of a user in a number of different lawful ways such as when a user places an order or a visitor subscribes to our newsletter. We may ask for the name and email and it totally depends on the user to share this information or not. Here are a few different reasons for collecting emails:

    1. To place an order one must compulsory add their name and email for us o make it easy to contact you in case of any error.
    2. To send email to our clients for further improvement of their instagram profile.
    3. To send newsletters to the subscribed visitors.
    4. When a user contacts us.
  2. Technical information

    We may collect some technical information from the user such as their browser, The device with which they have come to our website (computer, tablets or mobiles), internet service provider, country and cookies. This information is basically used to improve the user experience on our website.

  3. Confidentiality

    By no means will your personal information be shared with any third party. Even the order you place will stay confidential from our side and by your side it totally depends on you whether you want to share it or not.

  4. Update in privacy policy has the right to update this privacy policy anytime and it is your responsibility to check this policy from time to time. Whenever there is an update with the policy the date of the update will be mentioned on this page.

  5. Payment option

    The payment of the order will be processed with This is because they use highly encrypted and secure mechanism to protect your payment information.

  6. Refund

    If we fail in delivering the number of fans which was specified by you within a week then you can ask us to refund back your money.

  7. Your approval to these terms and conditions.

    Buy using it implies that your approval towards our policy and terms.

  8. We are dedicated to carry out our business with response to these policies and we make sure that all your personal details are protected and safe with us.